Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Automation for Your Business

The significance of social media to your professional and personal life cannot be emphasized enough. It builds your online presence and promotes your brand. Many people make a living from it and you can too if you know how to go about it. Profits generation from your social media depends largely on your strategy and efforts put into it. Social marketing automation is an example of such a strategy. If you lead a busy lifestyle, social media automation tools enable you to maintain a constant online presence. However, moderation of use should be ensured. To ensure the efficient use of this social marketing automation, observe the following.

  • Do: Use Social Media Automation Tools

There are lots of social marketing automation tools available on the market that you can use to upload tweets and updates on top platforms such as LinkedIn. They allow you the flexibility to schedule your update.

  • Don’t: Overuse Them

Overusing these tools puts you at the risk of missing out on important industry discussion. This is especially true for platforms that run thread-discussions.

  • Do: Publish Important Updates Personally

Make sure you make sensitive updates (announcement for example) by yourself. Don’t leave posts that will require a prompt response in the hands of social media automation.

  • Don’t: Make Inter-connection of Your Social Profiles

You should make sure not to link one social media account to another. Making the same post on different social media pages make a negative impression of you. It can become boring to your followers.

  • Do: Be Authentic

If your primary goal is to engage your followers, your content will have to original. Social marketing automation is no excuse to plagiarize or become boring. Authenticity will make you stand out and make a brand of your page.

  • Don’t: Completely Forget About Schedule

Don’t just ignore updates after you must have scheduled them; this can go wrong. When you find the time, go through scheduled posts. This will prevent any surprise that would have arisen.

  • Do: Utilize Social Media Tools with Extra Perks

Thanks to the various available social tools, you can make Social marketing automation even better. For instance, Hootsuite can be used to monitor what is a hot topic in any industry regularly. You can also be informed of trends if you use Google analytics.

  • Don’t: Forget to Recheck

No matter how busy you might be, always subject your scheduled update to more scrutiny. This step will save you from mistakes and uphold you brand for quality.

Indeed, social marketing automation tools are useful in your social media strategy. However, misusing them can do exactly the opposite of what it was intended for. Therefore, to effect the much-desired impact on your social media page, proper use is necessary. Apart from the dos and don’ts listed and explained above, you can go further. Preferably, hire the expertise of a professional social media strategist to help your efficiency. This will surely simplify and organize your life and social media page.

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