Best TV Wall Mounts Available In The Market: Benefits And Types  

TV wall mounts are used to hang flat screen LED’s, LCD’s, and plasma TV sets on the wall. And since they have a strong build, they securely hold the TV sets in place. They are of 4 types primarily – fixed mount, tilt mount, full-motion mount, and ceiling mount – and you should buy one according to the dimensions and weight of your TV set.

5 Unique Benefits Of TV Wall Mounts

TV wall mounts are becoming popular for the following benefits that they offer.

  1. Since these mounts come in stunning shapes, they look artistic and make the room look beautiful
  2. They reduce space consumption by emptying the TV corner. This gives the room a non-messy and bigger appearance
  3. TV wall mounts offer maximum protection against damage and increase the life of the TV sets
  4. They are quite economical and come in different sizes to accommodate small as well as large screen TV sets
  5. Some types of TV mounts can be tilted up and down and rotated left and right. This helps in reducing neck strain and shoulder pain

3 High-quality And Strong TV Wall Mounts You Must Know About

After learning about the spectacular benefits of TV wall mounts, it’s the right time to learn about 3 unique mounts that can support large screen TV sets.

  1. Heavy-duty TV Wall Mount With Tilting Motion For Flat Panel TV Sets – This tv wall mount for big screen at has the power to safely hold 55 kgs. Besides, it can accommodate medium-sized to large-sized TV sets between 37”- 70”. It has a sturdy heavy gauge steel body with a tilt angle of -10°~+10° in order to align the TV height according to your neck level for utmost viewing comfort
  2. Articulated Arm Television Wall Mount For LED, LCD, and PLASMA – This TV mount is ideal for flat screen TV sets with a slim body and dimensions between 13”-55”. However, remember, this mount can be used to secure no more than 35 kgs. Besides, it offers a stunning 180° swivel range and since it has a swivel, the distance between the TV set and the wall is 2.2”
  3. Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount – Full motion means that the mount can be rotated 60° towards the right and left from the center. Also, it can support medium to large size flat screens with dimensions between 37″ to 70″ and weight up to 50 kgs. Lastly, it also offers a tilt angle of -20°~+10°. It means that you can move the TV set 20° up and 10° down for maximum comfort

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