The Perfect Way To Use A Video Business Card (And The Way You Should Avoid)

As of late, we went to July’s Kingston Beta at the Jamaica Pegasus. Kingston Beta is an every other month get together for the Jamaican and Caribbean Tech industry to pitch their startup thoughts, learn, be propelled and coordinate with like personalities – so we fit right in. One of the moderators, Ramone Richards, the author of Paperless Solutions, specified something we found very intriguing. Ramone expressed that in his push to dispose of the utilization of paper all through all aspects of his business, he appropriated a video CD about his administrations, rather than a normal business card (BC). It made us consider the advantages of this strategy and we arrived at a strong determination: that is not a practical methodology by any means.

Before you begin to think we are closing it down without analyzing the potential outcomes, let us clarify why we think circulating video business cards (VBC) physically rather than paper BC isn’t such a smart thought.

Right off the bat, what is the main thing you do when you get a BC? A great many people will presumably take a brisk look to perceive what the individual or business is about. You are accustomed to investigating over all the data that is on the card quickly. In the event that you get a VBC, then again, you won’t have the capacity to perceive what sort of data is on it quickly and that may be a put off.

Besides, what do you for the most part do when you have completed your underlying survey of a BC? Truly, some simply hurl it in the event that they don’t believe it merits keeping. However, for people that do keep it, they tend to tuck into their handbags/wallets or business card holders. BC’s are frequently traded in settings where the individual has negligible access to whatever else. Where might they discover space to store this VBC?

On the off chance that those reasons don’t constrain you into supposing this is certifiably not a down to earth thought, think about this: what is the fundamental purpose behind dispersing BCs? Reply: To present your organization and give simple to-get to contact data. Envision experiencing the battle of embeddings a CD into your PC (giving you aren’t utilizing an Android Tablet, iPad or Playbook, at that point you are up the creek without a paddle) at that point looking out for it to stack just to get a contact. An excess of work for something that basic, isn’t that so?

Yet, don’t think we have totally discounted VBC as a perfect presentation strategy. In actuality, we know a flawless way it tends to be utilized as successfully as a normal BC. Since it is a video, what about utilizing it on the web? Let’s assume you need to give a fast, short presentation of yourself and additionally your business to somebody on the web. In the physical world, you would give them your card so why not ‘give’ them your VBC in the tech world? They would at present have the capacity to see it quickly, hide it in their ‘hard drive handbags’, if fundamental and it can give moment connects to additionally contact (to your Facebook page and Twitter, for instance) so they don’t need to stress over uncovering your card when they require you. The secret to making this significantly more successful is to guarantee that you keep it short and you can even utilize Flash movement or vivified gif’s, that way it very well may be seen on most cell phones and utilized as a symbol on interpersonal organizations.

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