Global Leader in Cable Distribution

Cables and Wires Sent Worldwide

Sycor Technology has been manufacturing and distributing high-quality cables and wires to an impressive variety of organisations located throughout the world ever since it was established in 1981. All of this is done in an impressive warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, one that includes 40,000 square feet of space.

Mil-Spec Cable Distributor

One of the aspects of Sycor Technology that is especially significant is its role as a mil-spec cable distributor. Since its founding, it has provided mil-spec cables to numerous government agencies as well as a number of defence contractors. Regardless of what the cables are being used for – these applications can be as varied as establishing a communications network or connecting the essential elements of a helicopter together – Sycor Technology has shown that its quality cables meet significant military-related demands.

Solar Applications

Another area that Sycor Technology excels in is solar energy. The demand for these types of cables and wires has increased steadily and significantly since 1981, and Sycor Technology has evolved with that progress to ensure that all of that energy that is being brought in is effectively transported to where it can best be utilised.

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