blockchain in the apparel industry

Businesses have become very competitive and rapidly increasing demand for consumers and need to build a transparent system has given rise to the use of technology. Any organization, irrespective of their sizes are getting familiar to the digital reality and implementing it in their daily business operations.

In recent years, the clothing industry has grown immensely and now it is looking for ways to trace the complete cycle of products. In the apparel industry, many stages are involved such as manufacturing, distribution, selling and buying.  To ensure full transparency in the apparel supply chain is slightly difficult, as a product moves through many hands.

With blockchain supply chain technology, members involved in the apparel supply chain can track the product from the shipment of raw materials to the factory and all way to buyers.

The blockchain technology can help the apparel industry to become highly efficient and sustainable, by capturing the data in real time. From customers to brand company and retailers and manufacturers can check the authenticity of the cloth using the blockchain enabled system.

The apparel industry is the perfect industry for the blockchain network. This article is intended to explain that how can blockchain bring revolution in the big apparel supply chain industry.

When it comes to placing the order, the brand company would need to use the blockchain enabled system. The order details would be saved on the blockchain, allowing the stakeholders to view the stored immutable details in real-time.

While viewing the details, the manufacturer can place a request to suppliers and start manufacturing the product.  Supplier’s details and raw material’s information stored on the blockchain ensures the authenticity of the raw materials and is verifiable by the stakeholders like customers or brand company. Stored data on the blockchain is immutable and timestamped, making it a robust system.

At the time of manufacturing the cloth, the manufacturer would attach a QR code with every garment. Every piece of detail like raw materials information, manufacturing date, etc., would allow customers to verify the authenticity of the clothing. The data stored with QR can be analyzed, but cannot be edited.
When customers buy the garment, they can scan the QR code and can see every step on the production process from raw materials to final product. The blockchain is the distributed network, which means the records added to the system can’t be altered, lost or deleted. On the basis of details saved on the blockchain, the sustainability of the compliance and processes can be tracked.
If apparel businesses choose blockchain technology, they can forget about counterfeiting, product losses or damages and can identify the issues faster occurred anywhere in the clothing supply chain.

In a nutshell, blockchain can benefit your garment business in several ways. You need to buckle up and start researching for potential benefits of the blockchain technology.

If you are interested in bringing blockchain technology into your apparel business, this is the right time to find the top blockchain development company to get the quotations. You can consult them regarding how your apparel supply chain can become transparent, traceable, secure and robust.

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